Morning Dew

Revolutionizing Oral Care

morning dew dispenser

Morning Dew is toothpaste re-imagined and re-engineered. It is a new approach to packaging and dispensing toothpaste.

My Role

Team leader

Defined project focus

Researched on existing products

Analyzed competition, define market segments

Understood user needs, channeled discussions toward product value to customer and customer retention

Periodically assessed work done and evaluate options

Researched on 'Discrete vs Continuous' resource consumption practices

Worked on physical prototypes

Tested toothpaste packaging design and delivery methods

Performed Life Cycle Analysis on existing product and new prototype


Why Toothpaste?

Why Toothpaste?

Toothpaste and their packaging have harmful effects on the environment. Customers consume more toothpaste than required per session. Furthermore, it causes harm to marine life, and gets dumped in the landfill. To solve these problems, the team came up with Morning Dew toothpaste and dispenser. 

Discrete vs Continuous Approach

The idea of discrete use of a resource helps better understand level of consumption and in a larger scale, our impact on the environment. This idea led us to focus on re-imagining toothpaste as well as the dispensing mechanism.

Ideas along the way

Dispenser design


Sheet + Toothpaste Combination

DFE testing phase

Final Designs

The Morning Dew Toothpaste, or pellets would be in the shape of tiny balls that become viscous upon contact with water. The rotating dispenser container is carefully designed to dispense only one pellet at a time. It also has a toothbrush dock for conveniently placing the pellet onto the brush.

Team Members

Keegan D’souza, Ian Lee, Savanthi Murthy, Himanshu Rasam