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Online Awareness Service to Improve Self Image


Oasis is an online platform to check out self-defense training sessions in centers near the user's homes. This concept was an attempt to prevent sexual assault by encouraging users to sign up for self-defense and self-awareness training classes near them


My Role

Ideate and breakdown concepts

Conducted user research

Interviewed counsellor(s) & organizations

Coordinated with team members

Designed mockups


Project Overview

Sexual assault is a horrendous crime. It is a serious issue in society that needs our attention and people are trying to prevent it. Some of the first steps toward prevention are education and self awareness. Oasis was an approach that focused on aspects of awareness and confidence building.

An inter-disciplinary team of 6 used the Integrated Product Development methodologies to analyze stakeholders, social, economic and technological trends to identify Product opportunity gaps(POG). Following which, we honed in on a few of the POGs to better understand value opportunities and viable solutions. Among the many ideas listed, we focused on awareness and self-defense methods.

Stakeholder Analysis


    Value Opportunity Analysis

    Based on

    • Safety
    • Power
    • Independence
    • Security
    • Confidence
    • Social Aspects
    • Reliability
    • Craftsmanship

    These factors were used to categorize and filter about 100+ ideas.


    Concept Designs

    The user interface focused on a simple layout catered toward browsing videos and checking out reviews for training centers and their staff. The goal was to give a good preview of what to expect in training sessions and encourage users to sign up for classes in a simple manner. 


    Studios near me, Trending, Highly Rated, Favorites and Offline Sessions are different options for checking out content. Users could save their favorite videos, and it would show up under the Offline Sessions tab.


    The goals of this platform are as follows

    First, get people to empathize with trainees and understand the value of self-defense training.

    Second, give them the freedom to do the same from the comfort of their homes.

    Third, let them connect with others alike in their communities.

    Team Members

    Peiyun Chen, Xiao Cui, Rohith Gowda, Benjamin Smith, Yubing Zhang